The Soul-Ties® Healthy Love Club's our jam...

What is the healthy love club?

The Soul-Ties® Healthy Love Club is a place to heal and grow. Leveraging our education in Theology, psychology, and Christian Counseling, we have designed EFFECTIVE tools, online courses and workshops to help individuals and couples recover from their toxic pasts, uncover toxic tendencies, and rediscover habits of healthy love.  

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Popular Classes inside
the club right now

The Soul-Ties Detox

Our signature program based on our book, The Soul-Ties Detox, that takes you on a journey from heartbreak to wholeness.

  • 7-Week program (book included)
  • Video Lessons
  • Online Support

Crazy Self Love Challenge

Spend 5-Days falling MADLY and CRAZILY in Love with YOU! You Will NOT be the Same Afterwards! 

  • 5-Day Challenge (daily assignments)
  • Video Lessons
  • Online support

Dating By Design

Tired of ending up in the SAME dead end relationships? This class helps you design dating experiences that lead to the type of relationship YOU desire, using the SAME process WE USED that lead us to marriage!

  • 4-Weeks (includes weekly assignments
  • Video Lessons
  • Online Support

Soul-Ties 101

 We answer all of your questions, help you uncover EXACTLY what type of “tie” you need to break, and even help you prepare to break them if children are involved.

  • 1-Week (assignments Included)
  • Video Lessons
  • Online Support

What do you get inside
the club?

Individuals + Couples areas

Practical tools, counseling and exercises to help you overcome toxic relationships and toxic love habits.

online courses

We've leveraged our experience and education in counseling, and earned experience through our failures to develop courses with step-by-step help and REAL solutions.

Live Trainings

In addition to online courses, we host LIVE trainings where we provide relationship, dating and healthy love tips and answer your questions exclusively in our closed setting.

Private Support

Enjoy exclusive access to us during our office hours where we make ourselves available for live chat. We answer questions about classes in the club or anything else you may be facing that day.

Get The Soul-Ties Detox Book FREE When You Join!

Join the Soul-Ties® Healthy Love Club today and you will receive the The Soul-Ties-Detox book for FREE, AND receive access  to the class that walks you week-by-week through the book.


For Individuals

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We're Kenyon + Taccara!

Relationship Health experts with a passion for helping people find healing after heartbreak. From uncovering toxic pasts that keep us attracted to toxic people, to helping couples break toxic relationship habits within their current relationships, we have developed step-by-step guidance and PRACTICAL solutions to helping you find and MAINTAIN Healthy Love. We have experience serving individuals, churches, women’s ministries, and church small groups globally and we have combined our education and experience into one place to serve you.  Learn More About Private Counseling Options
what Our clients say


We are healthy love champions and our commitment is to help you find your personal path to healthy love. 

Kenyon and Taccara are genuine in the help and advice they give! Their help, guidance, and advice is non-bias, nonjudgmental, and experienced-based. They have great advice and recommendations for single, married, and divorced couples. I recommend you contact them to answer your relationship questions and also receive suggestions on how to become a better you and enjoy the relationship that you are in with others and yourself!
Jasmine Newton
This husband and wife duo are heaven sent! From their funny personalities to their serious conversation topics, they are truly gifted. Love them to pieces.
Nyoka Gregory
They helped us through a very tough time. We came to Kenyon and Taccara because we could NEVER seem to be on the same page about anything. Kenyon and Taccara helped us re-learn and rediscover each other. We began to see each other differently.
Latasha Bond

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions About the HLC (Healthy Love Club)? Let’s see if we can ansower them for you! 

Healthy Relationships and Healing is OUR JAM so our mission is to provide resources to help people at every stage. Because we cannot possibly answer EVERY question that we get,  we  record our podcasts during our downtime to answer specific questions in a very general way. It’s our way of attempting to help more than the individual who wrote us.

The Healthy Love Club IS OUR time  (ours and yours) to connect. The HLC is our priority and a much more purpose-driven medium where we focus on escorting our members into rich and rewarding relationship experiences full of healing, happiness and hope!

The Healthy Love Club is IDEAL for individuals and couples who like the idea of having a private coach, but not the costs that are associated. We specialize in providing practical solutions to common relationship problems that often result in toxic or unhealthy relationships. This includes individuals who are single or newly out of relationships that desire a better path to healing.  We use a lot a of self-reflection, weekly exercises, and (for couples) relationship-building work to help you create new habits that result in better relationship choices. In addition, you are also supported by us (Kenyon and Taccara) to help address any challenges you face along the way. 

This approach may not suit everyone. If you require a more intimate level of 1-on-1 counseling/coaching, or you do not find that virtual classes and corresponding work would help you, we COMPLETELY understand. 

YES! Everything inside the club is virtual and delivered to you through our website, accessible from any device AND our Soul-Ties Self Care App! 

It’s important to note that The Healthy Love Club should not be used as a substitute for counseling, and we will always let you know if we believe that your situation requires help beyond our professional reach. We will also try to refer you to a licensed counselor whenever possible. 

With that said, we understand that spouses may be apprehensive to airing their differences in front of people they don’t know.  The Club has classes, tools and resources that have been designed from a counseling perspective to meet you where you are in the comfort of your own home. We find that this approach helps couples to either work their differences out themselves, OR be more open to the idea of seeing a counselor. 

If your spouse refuses to go to counseling AND refuses to take part in these types of exercises, then this may not be the immediate solution for your marriage. You are always welcome to connect with the community and take the classes for yourself. 

Our approach to dating is that you are single until married. If it is a serious relationship, your personal growth will only make the relationship better. If you and your significant other are having serious conversations about the future health of your relationship, the Covenant Club may be best for you. However, it is important that, before joining at the Covenant Club level, you and your significant other are both in agreement in doing so. It should be a mutual agreement, not a single desire. 

Just know that, what you do for you alone, you will be doing for the health relationship. So always start with you. 

are you READY for healthy love?