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What if you loved you

As hard as you loved them

It’s time Love Yourself as CRAZY and as RADICALLY As you Loved Them.  How they made you feel doesn’t matter. Who you think you are to them doesn’t matter.  Your perception of you, through the filter of their treatment of you, DOES NOT MATTER! Because you have PROVEN that you can Love Anyway!

Let Us Show You How!  

If you’re tired of ending up in one toxic relationship after another. If you’re tired of “nurturing” others, while sacrificing yourself, and getting nothing in return…

Join us for the
Crazy self love

Nurture yourself back to Healthy Love and learn how to give AND RECEIVE the love you desire and deserve.

Register Today! Challenge Begins December 31st! 

what's included in the FREE challenge?

5-Days of assignments

We've created 5-heart-conditioning assignments that help you begin the journey of loving you.

Video Lessons

We've developed 5 lessons that will be delivered LIVE via Facebook to help you break habits of toxic self love and begin loving YOU in a healthy way.

Live Q&A

Live Q&A for those participating in the challenge where Kenyon and Taccara answer any questions you have about your self love assignments.

Community Support

An exclusive Crazy Self Love community where we encourage you to make a self-love accountability partner for your 5-day challenge!

The Challenge is Now Over. WE Will Resume Soon!